My Interests

Every individual has some concerns, curiosity and depth of involvement in different areas. I don’t exactly when I started but I know travelling, gardening, cooking, knitting and writing are areas of my interest.


In childhood I was always fascinated with new places when my parent shifted from one place to another as part of their assignment. My job also helped me travel different parts of my country as well as abroad. I just want to write some special things I felt about the places that I visited. Hope you will enjoy reading my national and international travel experiences.






South Korea






Gardening brings unlimited happiness in my day to day life. I found it as a good therapy to keep me busy, happy and healthy. I love flowers and plants of new places. Visiting flowers markets and shopping is always my one key agenda while travelling outside.

Nepal has four climatic seasons spring, summer, autumn and winter. Most of the time I am engaged in maintaining my small garden. I have planted different types of flowers especially perennials and some fruits. I will keep sharing with you about my plants with my experience how I take care of it.


African Violets

Dragon Fruits

Traditional Foods

Food is something that everybody like to talk about, cook and taste. Every country has their own cooking style and taste. Yet people love to taste new foods and enjoy it. Nepal is a beautiful country with diverse ethnic groups of people. People with their ethnics and caste, living in different geographical areas are rich of their foods and culture.

I belong to Limbu caste living in hilly area of Eastern Nepal. Limbu, Rai communities have their own traditional ethnic foods. Items from millet, buckwheat, corn, rice and seasonal vegetables are the staple foods. Poultry meat from chicken, pigs, mutton and buffalo are accepted as their ethnic group. We like herbs from forest like “Yangben” and nettle as exotic foods. You have to be expert to identify these herb as eatable and non eatable. Special skill and process is there to prepare these foods.



Nepali Herbs

Several herbs, plants and spices are common among Nepal and other countries. But there are some special herbs and plants which are used by some ethnic communities only. Herbs found in hilly and mountain areas have special food and medicinal values. They have unique taste, aroma and flavors. I am more interested in those unique herbs and plants using by particular ethnic and communities of Nepal. Some of my favorite herbs that I use my kitchen are:




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