About Me

My strong belief is passing skills from one generation to another is saving your art and culture.

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Namaste from Chandra Rai. I was born in Sungai Besi, Malaysia (then Malaya). My childhood was spent in Malaysia, Singapore and Hongkong as my father (Capt, QGO) serving in British Army. I completed my high school from Balika School, Dharan. I spent more than 20 years in government hospitals as nurse serving women, children and sick people in different part of the country. I was associated with various INGOs and spent more than ten years. During my career I had opportunities of travelling around my country as well as travelling abroad. Countries are UK, US, Montreux Switzerland, Lyon France, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan. Having travelling of my work life turned into my travelling hobby.

I am from Ilam, eastern part of Nepal. My husband from Bhojpur but lived in Dharan. We settled down in Aroobari, Kathmandu in 1987. I have small lovely family with my husband, son and a daughter. Daughter is married and have lovely six year old grand daughter. I enjoy spending time with her. We also pets, have two dogs and hundreds of pigeons, my husband feeds them twice a day with maize and wheat everyday.

I am trying to have my blog with some interesting events of my life, travelling, cooking and gardening. I do not know how gardening became my passion but this passion gives me happiness. I will also share how I care my flowering plants and fruits. I love to prepare our ethnic foods and do the cooking. These foods can only be prepared with special process. I learned all these from my senior generations. My strong feeling is that this process should be passed unto upcoming generation. That can be language, preparing food, singing, dancing or even gardening. Having my all these sweet memories of my seniors and experiences in these areas I will share these skills in my blog.

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